Home Remodeling In Georgetown, Tx, Makes Your Dream Home A Reality!

Georgetown is an old city in Texas with an impressive range of Victorian accents in residential and commercial buildings. Since the structures of these homes are old, they need constant renovation and maintenance to stand on the foundations. People here are obsessed with the beauty of the archaic designs and structures, so they prefer to enhance their homes’ aesthetics not by reconstruction but by renovation.

No matter how much you maintain your house, there is always room for improvement. You want a bang for your buck when you plan on investing in a home renovation project. Luckily, ET Handyman Service is here to bring out the best in your home by increasing its value because your home’s image is a part of our reputation. What’s more, is that we work as per our clients’ requirements. If you plan to transform your house, just hand us the blueprint of your thoughts and wait for us to make it happen!

Why You Need A Home Remodeling

In Georgetown, TX, home remodeling is almost a necessity, especially if you have lived in it for more than a decade. Chances are that you may have many hidden issues going on that can be checked and repaired during a revamp.

A professional home remodeling can increase your home’s comfort and livability by making it look more spacious. If you opt for a home remodel once or twice a year, you won’t have to spend a lot on the maintenance cost. Another important reason to renovate your house in Georgetown is to add to its resale value.

What We Offer

If you want to make the right choice for your home by hiring the right remodeling contractor in Georgetown, TX, ET Handyman Service is your go-to solution for the following home remodeling services:

Home Additions

Have you ever felt the need for an extra room or maybe just an extended patio to increase the outer sitting space? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We can increase the space in and outside your house as per your requirements.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are one of the busiest areas of your house. We are proud of converting your dull-looking bathrooms most luxuriously. With the help of our professional design consultation, make your bathrooms worth spending time in.

Kitchen Remodeling Georgetown

Your kitchen shouldn’t be a place where you just cook half-heartedly and rush outside. Let our kitchen remodeling contractors make it the most attractive area in your house where your guests would want to stay while you cook for them. We can create any look you want for your kitchen, be it traditional, contemporary, rustic, or two-toned.

Roofing Services

Long gone are the times when you had only shingle roofs. Now, the markets are full of a range of roofing options. With ET Handyman Roofing Service in Georgetown, you can level up by installing a slate roof, metal roof, flat roof, or rolling roof. We can also repair any type of roof that you have.

Room Renovations

We know that you want your room to look the best, which is why we sit with you and plan the project before starting. From the initial demolition to the final touch of paint, we pay attention to the most minor details.

We also offer:

  • TV mounting Georgetown, TX
  • Home theater installation service
  • Furniture repair Georgetown

Flooring Georgetown

We are a professional Cedar Park hardwood flooring company making your floors the centerpiece of your home for years. Our expertise lies in repairing and installing any type of floor. We also offer floor damage remediation to make the floors look smooth and shiny but not slippery.

Why Consider Our Services

Following are some of the most compelling reasons why you should choose our remodeling services:

  • Free expert consultation
  • Free estimates
  • 10 years of proven experience
  • Diverse range of handyman services
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • Highly trained professionals
  • Affordable home remodeling services
  • Equipped with the latest tool and techniques
  • On-Time services
  • Quick response rate

Whenever your home needs a quick revival, call ET Handyman Service at (512) 645-6763, and we’ll give you the best experience.