Where Do I Find Reliable Patio Builders near Me?

Dreading having to run around like a headless chicken looking for patio builders near you? Feeling like your time is too precious to be spent making phone calls and annoying 20 builders for quotes? Patio builders can be like Tarot card readers; you never know what you’re going to get. There are many professional patio services out there; it can be hard to tell which one is right for you, or who you should avoid.

A patio at the right price that will last for years — that’s our motto. All completed in good time by professionals who actually care about what customer satisfaction really means. So if you want to improve your home, call us. 

Looking for a Patio Builder in Austin TX Is a Tedious Task

The ET Handyman Services design and build beautiful patios, porches, and decks that turn your outdoor areas into entertainment destinations. But we don’t stop there. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from designing the right space to choosing the right materials and finally building it to your satisfaction. We can also transform your existing covered porch into a more functional and practical covered patio – complete with new flooring services, lighting, and ceiling fans – Let’s chat about how we can help you turn your dreams into reality!

How Patio Builder in Austin TX Can Help Transforming Your Space


So many mistakes in carpentry lead to disaster. Poor workmanship, inefficient use of material and time, false economy, wasted money for forgotten tools… We’re going to show you how to save hours – even days – on your projects. We reveal ‘secrets’ that most newbies don’t know, so you can get your projects done better and faster than any expert.

We Leave No Stone Unturned While Creating Your Perfect Outdoor Patio

Outdoor kitchen

It’s hard to remember all the little bits and pieces that make up an outdoor kitchen. There are loads of products available, each with their own unique features. Which are the best? What goes well together? How much does it cost? After installation, do you have everything you need? Our Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen remodeling solutions are what you’ll need to find your way around an outdoor kitchen. We’ve carefully selected all the best products on the market, along with crucial guidelines on what goes where. So whether you’re starting from scratch or just want to build onto your existing setup, we’ve got you covered. 

Outdoor Fireplace Builders

Oh no, there is a chill in the air outside???

Don’t worry, with our outdoor fireplaces you will stay warm all winter long. Our outdoor fireplaces are designed to look great and keep you warm all year round. Plus many of them are extra-wide models giving you the opportunity to relax on the warming mat while enjoying the flickering flames. You can even host parties with friends and family or enjoy your summer nights around one of our fire pits. 


Selecting a pergola design with a unique yet timeless look that will compliment your property is never easy. You could have a go at designing what you think looks good with the help of tools, but this can be a risky strategy. And it’s not guaranteed to give you the result you want as you need to know exactly what style of pergola you’re looking for. In addition, if you don’t have the right tools, the whole process will take you forever. By installing an pergola from us, you can be sure your outdoor space is going to complement your property beautifully. 

Do You Know How Much Money You Are Losing by Dragging to Find the Perfect Patio Builder Near You in Leander TX?

Patios play an important role in the decoration of our home. They can help change the atmosphere of your property, be it your house or apartment. Patios also act as a great tool for entertaining. It’s possible to put in an outdoor dining area or even an outdoor living room with furniture which will help any indoor living space overcome cozy nights.

You need to find someone who can work with you, not against you. Someone who will listen to what you want, not just tell you what they want. Someone who knows how to build things that last.

If you want to change or add another patio for entertainment or dining, then it is very important to seek patio builders in Leander TX. This is because having the proper tools and equipment is essential in order to achieve the desired results.