There is no doubt that a pre-installation checklist ensures a hassle-free floor installation. So, if you are getting new floors installed at your place to turn around the look of your place or simply because you are bored with the current flooring, you must hire a professional company. However, your job doesn’t end by just hiring a reputable floor installation company; you may still have to get yourself equipped with some knowledge of floor installation to avoid damage. So, the first thing you should know is that whenever you are getting new floors installed at your place, there’s a checklist that must be followed to ensure maximum results.

Now you must be wondering isn’t it the work of the company that you are hiring to follow this checklist? The answer is yes and no. There are some steps in the checklist that must be completed by you and some steps are done by the handymen you are hiring for floor installation. So at the end of the day, you must take responsibility and do the things on the checklist that concern you. Don’t worry, the checklist is just a collection of simple chores that you need to perform to prepare for your new floors. So, without waiting any further, let’s have a look at the steps included in this checklist.

1- Remove All the Fragile Objects From the Room

When it comes to floor pre-installation, the basic step is to remove all the fragile objects in the room. This also covers home decor items and furniture, which you will naturally have to move to another room when you are getting a new floor installed. Sometimes people also prefer removing light bulbs and anything that is made up of glass. More things that are included in this checklist are:

  • Remove all artwork, mirrors, and family photos hanging on the wall
  • Takedown the window curtains
  • Most importantly look around the room and remove anything you feel that might break
  • This step must be completed before the arrival of the floor installation company.

2- Disconnect Gas and Electrical Points

When it comes to electronics, you need to do more than just move them away to another room. Here is a simple checklist that must be followed in case you have electrical and gas points inside the room that needs flooring. Make sure that all gas connections and electrical sockets are disconnected in the room where the new flooring is supposed to be installed. However, you should always prefer experts for the disconnection procedure.

3- Remove the Doors

Another important step is to remove all doors from the hinges in the room where the new floor will be installed. Professional companies that are hired for flooring purposes know how to remove the doors from the hinges. However, it is advised that you do this yourself and remove each door and store it in a safe place. Here is a list of the things you should do after the removal of the doors

  • After removing the doors they must be stacked properly in a locked room.
  • Place a soft blanket between each door to prevent scratches.
  • Remember to safely place all the hinge pins in the plastic bag or box.
  • Carefully place each door with its hinges when the new floor installation is complete.

4- Clean up the Cupboards

When you are preparing for floor installation, remember to safely put away your valuable items first. Remove all items from the cabinets and storage areas where you will be getting a new floor. If you want the floor installation over the entire entrance area, all the important items should be moved away. When getting a new floor installed in the kitchen, empty the pantry and its surroundings (toilet, laundry room, etc.). Most homeowners remember to transfer heavy furniture and appliances from the area where floor installation is supposed to be done but forget to empty the closets. Therefore, you should ensure to remember this step.

5- Determine the Height of the New Floor

Most of homeowners might neglect it, but determining the height of the new floor is very important. If the floor height changes, there is a high chance that you will need adjustments for the height of your doors. Otherwise, the new flooring may prevent the smooth opening and closing of your doors. Many types of flooring, such as vinyl and laminated floors, feature a glued or floating installation method. It is better to discuss this with your professional floor installation service provider as he can quickly provide you with adjustments. Such professionals make sure that everything’s fine and that no negative impact is inflicted on anything else, especially the doors due to new floor installation.

6- Moisture Testing for Concrete 

Before the installation of any kind of flooring, concrete slabs must be tested for moisture content and vapor emissions. It is very important to hire a flooring contractor for these tests so that the results are properly monitored and documented. Getting these tests done on time is critical to understand the condition of the concrete before floor installation. The checklist of moisture testing includes:

  • The tests should be performed when the area is properly closed.
  • A proper temperature should be regulated and the area must be closed around 72 hours before the testing.
  • If tolerance is present then it must be brought to an acceptable condition before floor installation.

7- Flooring Materials Acclimation Check 

The floor pre-installation check also features the checking of the temperature inside the building that is about to get new flooring. The interior temperature of the building is important for successful floor installation. It is important because binding materials and installation materials such as adhesives need the appropriate temperature to acclimate to the environment before the installation. Here is a checklist for the acclimation process:

  • The temperature should be raised or lowered to a favorable condition but must be maintained for 72 hours.
  • The temperature should not drop to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The space should get a uniform heat and space heaters should not be used.

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